3 Tips to Grow Your Hair Longer, Faster

Are you stuck in that hair growth rut? Staring in the mirror day-after-day just willing it to grow and grow fast? You are not alone. We all do it.

But there are some things you can do to foster the growth of longer, luscious locks. At PHYTO we know and thing…or ten about it.

There are a bunch of natural remedies floating around that are said to facilitate hair growth. You can drink tons of water, trim it regularly to keep it healthy, cut down on the amount of times you shampoo, and others.


But PHYTO has a few miracle products, created at our labs in France and made from only the finest botanicals. No chemicals, just nature helping you create that perfect hair growth environment.

1)  It starts from the inside. Your hair is a living part of your body. So, if you don’t put good things in your body, how can good things sprout from that scalp. We know you probably have a cabinet filled with supplements for a variety of health concerns, right? Well, it’s time to add one for your hair growth. PHYTOPHANÈRE belongs in that cabinet too. Packed with natural ingredients, each daily dose of this nourishing vitamin - consisting of essential fatty acids and an antioxidant blend - promotes keratin production, healthy hair growth and longer nails and lashes. They’re also super easy to swallow and have only 2 calories per cap!

2)  Show your scalp some love. Growth starts from the root. If you were planting a garden you would do everything you could to nourish that little spot in the ground, right? Well, you scalp is that spot for your hair. So, nourish it. Treat it well. Show it some love. PHYTOPOLLÉINE is packed with love. Four pounds worth to be precise. Every bottle comes filled with four pounds of plants to help naturally drive that hair growth. This powerful blend of 100% essential oils detoxifies and balances using extracts of rosemary, sage, cypress, eucalyptus and lemon.

3)  Treat yo scalp.  A couple times a year, bring out the PHYTO big guns and use our PHYTOLOGIST Scalp Treatment. Out patented and award-winning treatment is designed for men and women to promote healthy hair growth. It’s 99% botanicals instead of being riddled with chemicals like other treatments on the market. This lightweight formula is drug and hormone free, and helps you get that thick, shiny, healthy hair effectively and safely.

Don’t give up and succumb to hair that won’t grow. Healthier, longer, beautiful hair is within your reach. You just need a little help and we’ve got the answers. Come on over to the PHYTO side and grow naturally with us!