Spring Cleaning for Your Scalp

It’s that time of year. Spring cleaning is in full effect and people around the world are Marie Kondo-ing their closets. Tidying up and keeping things in shape shouldn’t just be for your home. That same fervor and care should go for your scalp too! We may sound like a broken record, but for good reason! PHYTO is on a mission to help everyone achieve a healthy scalp. Why? Because healthy, gorgeous hair doesn’t grow from a mediocre scalp.

As you dig into your Spring cleaning activities, add your scalp to the list and bring in any of our botanical formulas to be your gentle enforcers.


If you are looking for the ultimate, all-around, scalp solution, look no further than PHYTOPOLLÉINE. Don’t judge a bottle by its size, because this one is packed with about four pounds of plants. It gently and diligently purifies and detoxes your scalp while also keeping that pesky dandruff at bay.

It’s always a good idea to have a clarifying shampoo in your shower. PHYTONEUTRE uses eucalyptus to provide that deep clean your scalp needs, without stripping it of anything it needs. It stimulates and oxygenates your scalp and leaves your hair soft and bouncy.

Lemon oil, pine bark, geranium, rosemary and sage create the magic behind PHYTOCÉDRAT. The result? Cleaner, fresher hair and preventative sebum migration which reduces shampoo frequency. It’s perfect if you experience oily scalp issues.

Another oily scalp helper is PHYTOPANAMA. Our patented ingredient Progénium® is the perfect scalp balancer. A blend of Quillaja Bark extract and juniper berries, purifies the scalp and helps achieve healthy, stunning hair. Who doesn’t want healthy, fresh, revitalized hair?

If you suffer from a sensitive or irritated scalp, we’ve got you covered with PHYTOAPAISANT. Meant for daily use, it restores the scalp’s barrier with anti-irritant pursulane extract combined with decoted linden and passion flower. It’s hypoallergenic and filled with just the right stuff to soothe and moisturize your scalp.

PHYTO is made up of scalp enthusiasts and we make your scalp our business. If your scalp could let out a relaxing, “Ahhhhh”, these are the products that would make it happen.

So, add your scalp to your Spring Cleaning routine this year and welcome a new season with healthy, incredible hair that will for sure turn heads.