Five Steps for a Perfect Haircare Routine

The days of only using a shampoo and conditioner to treat your hair are over. While safer beauty products have made their way to the forefront, it’s nothing new to us. PHYTO has been rocking botanicals since the beginning. We’re talking decades on decades on decades. Five of them to be precise. So, as a company creating natural and safe haircare products and treatments, we’ve learned a lot over the last 50 years. But the biggest takeaway is that your locks needs more than a rinse and condition.

So, consider PHTYTO like your own personal haircare concierge. We’re here to help you formulate the perfect routine that keeps your hair healthy and gorgeous, without harmful chemicals.

Always start with the scalp. This is the cardinal rule of a solid hair care regimen. Beautiful healthy hair stems from a healthy scalp. For a little detox, try PHYTOPOLLÉINE. It’s made with 100 percent essential oils and all of that plant power balances your scalp, keeps the dandruff away and removes the impurities that weigh it down.

Use a great day-to-day shampoo. Many people don’t realize that there is a difference in a shampoo you use regularly and one that might be more of an intense treatment. There is room for both in your life and in fact, we encourage it! Your hair loves a little variety. But for that go-do shampoo you use multiple times a week, try PHYTOJOBA. This formula nourishes and softens your hair. Plus, the aromatic coconut gives you make tropical vacation vibes.

Throw on a mask. Not a creepy one you’d see on Halloween. A luxurious mask to regenerate and revive your hair. Just like you get stressed out, so does your hair. So when you throw on that hydrating face mask on a Sunday night, try our PHYTOKÉRATINE EXTRÊME Mask on your tresses. Reduce breakage while also restoring elasticity, increase softness and boost shine.

Get some Style. Once you’ve spoiled your scalp and rinsed away the impurities, don’t forget to add that style and shine. It’s super important to use stylers that leave you with fresh style and no yucky build-up. For hold without stiffness, try PHYTOVOLUME ACTIF. If you want to smooth out that unruly hair that has a mind of its own, you’ll love PHYTODÉFRISANT. Try hydrating your hair before you even shampoo, with BAOBAB Oil. And PHYTOLISSE SERUM is the magic bullet that takes your shine to the next level. If you want that sleek, touchably soft look without greasiness, this will be your jam.

Go from the inside out. You take supplements for your health, right? Vitamins, probiotics, whatever. Why not do the same for your hair? PHYTOPHANÈRE is a dietary supplement to help grow healthy, beautiful hair. The best part? It’s totally natural.

Take care of your hair. Indulge it with the power of botanicals. Treat it right and it will show!