An Army of Botanical Frizz Fighters

Got frizz? No hang your head in shame. It’s EVERYWHERE and we know it. It’s probably one of the most common complaints from people listing their hair woes. But PHYTO is totally on top of it. We’re actually on top of it times 7. PHYTO has seven products geared toward ridding you of that frizz, naturally of course. We curate only the finest botanicals for our haircare products, including our army of frizz fighters.

When curly hair catches the frizzies, that’s a job for PHYTO’s Baobab Oil. The Editor’s Choice winner is a pre-shampoo leave-in for dehydrated hair. It nourishes, protects and even regenerates. And here’s a PHYTO hack for you – it also works wonders on your skin, making it silky and smooth to match your gorgeous hair.


When the frizz creeps in on fine or medium hair, PHYTO’s Huile Soyeuse is just what you need. The lightweight leave-in instantly changes the feel of your hair. It hydrates and adds a ton of shine without weighing down your hair.

Two of our most popular products – PHYTO 7 and PHYTO 9 – are for all hair types needing some love to tackle dryness. Both are weightless, leave-in conditioners that provide instant hydration to tame frizz and repair split ends. PHYTO 7 contains seven plant extracts while PHYTO 9 contains nine (see what we did there?) There’s no wrong decision here and they both work on dry hair to take the frizz away and replace with that boost of shine we all want.

Nothing calms down ultra rebellious hair quite like PHYTOLISSE Serum. It only takes a few droplets of this glossing serum to transform frizz to smooth, beautiful hair. You can even use it multiple times throughout the day to take care of those flyaways.

And last but NEVER least is cult favorite and Allure Best of Beauty Winner, PHYTODÉFRISANT. It’s heat activated and therefore works great under pressure/high temps to achieve a sleek and smooth blowout every single time. It’s a foolproof way to combat frizz.

There you have it. An entire team of products created specifically to fight frizz and leave you with gorgeous, silky, healthy hair.