Must-Have Hair Oils Based on Your Hair Type

It’s no secret that there are a lot of similarities between haircare and skincare products. It’s also no secret that hair oil is one of the biggest haircare must haves this year. Some immediately hear the word oil and shy away because they think it will leave their hair greasy. But PHYTO is here to tell you that there’s a hair oil for everyone! Since we craft all of our plant-based formulas to cater to different needs, we carried that same philosophy over to our line of hair oils.

If you have curly or course hair, you should try PHYTO’s Baobab Oil. Winner of an Editor’s Choice Award from , this oil can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment or as a leave in. It hydrates the hair; nourishes the scalp and you should definitely let a few drops drip on to your body because it works as a fantastic skin moisturizer too! Regenerate your hair, protect it from the sun and get silky, shiny hair with Baobab oil.

If you have super dry hair, the PHYTOELIXIR Oil revitalizes your hair with natural ingredients like Vitamin E and egg yolk. In addition to your hair being replenished, you’ll also notice regeneration and amazing softness, elasticity and shine.

If you have fine to medium strands, check out PHYTO’s Huile Soyeuse. Super lightweight yet packed with intense hydration, this formula boosts shine, helps combat frizz and leaves your hair silky smooth.

If you want something to protect your hair from the sun (summer is around the corner by the way), grab the PHYTO Plage Sublime After Sun Oil. You protect your skin from those rays, right? Remember what we said earlier about haircare and skincare? This is a perfect example of that. The sun can cause major damage, so try this to rehydrate your hair after a day at the beach!

No matter what category your hairs falls in, you will benefit from PHYTOPOLLÉINE. This one is a must have for everyone as it purifies and balances the scalp with four pounds of fresh plants in every single bottle. Healthy hair begins with your scalp so treat it right and add this cult favorite to your beauty regimen.

So, the moral of the story is - don’t fear hair oils! Embrace them and your hair will reap the benefits. People will start asking regularly what you are using on your hair. They are THAT awesome.