PHYTO’s Guide To Perfect Curls

We love all types of hair. It’s one of the reasons we work so hard to perfect formulas for every hair type – long, short, straight and curly. Regardless of what kind of hair you have, it deserves to be nurtured, naturally.

Curly hair can be tricky. How do you keep those gorgeous waves, spirals, twists or whatever you’re rocking, looking their best? Glad you asked, because we have an entire line dedicated to keeping your curls intact and looking amazing. If you have not experienced our PHYTO Specific line, you and your curls are totally missing out.

All hair thrives on routine. And if that routine uses natural ingredients made up of the finest botanicals, then you’re basically slaying the haircare game.

The Scalp Always Comes First

Because everything starts with the scalp, let’s begin there and nourish it with PHYTOPOLLÉINE. Using this magical treatment sets the stage for healthy hair, giving the scalp everything it needs to produce beautiful, healthy hair. And before you judge a bottle by its size, you should know that this one is jam packed with four pounds of plants.

Cleanse Those Curls

While we have a number of curl-specific shampoo and cleansing products in our line, our Cleansing Care Cream is a fan favorite. It works from surface to core to cleanse and moisturize your hair while delivering softness and suppleness you will notice immediately.

Mask Those Curls

Not forever, just for a few minutes using our Curl Hydration Mask. Bouncy, shiny curls are right around the corner with our formula that penetrates into the core of the hair fiber to regenerate and add massive shine.

Define Those Curls

Just spritz on some of our Curl Legend Energizing Spray to hydrate and define both loose and tight curls without weighing them down. The magic lies within Elasticurl, a natural curl enhancer that redesigns curls and holds their shape. 

Finish Those Curls

PHYTO’s Baobab Oil is exactly what your curls need for that final boost of hydration, increased elasticity and protection from free radicals and frizz. If you prefer, you can also sneak this in pre-shampoo. Either way, your curls will feel the love.

Your curls are special are deserve special treatment. Check out PHYTO’s full line of curl enhancing formulas today!