Five Ways to Be Kind to our Planet On Earth Day

It’s one of our favorite holidays – Earth Day!! While PHYTO is always innovating to bring you safe products made from the finest botanicals, we are also committed to doing our part to protect our planet. So, we thought we’d commemorate Earth Day by offering 30% OFF on all orders, and with five ways you can pitch in at home.

Conserving the resources of our planet is a team effort. Literally, every little thing you do to help is part of a big picture and it all matters!

1)  Put the kibosh on plastic utensils.


We know that sometimes it feels more convenient to use plates, silverware and cups you can toss after you’re done. But consider using the real stuff in your cabinets instead. Minimizing the amount of plastic and other materials that end up in landfills may seem inconsequential, but it makes an impact for sure. So bust out that special occasion china and do it up!

2)  Bye-Bye Boxes

If your grocery store has the option to buy items from bins or boxes (like grains, oats or other dry goods), go that route and ditch the stuff that comes in boxes and canisters. It’s a small way to cut out unnecessary packaging and it’s kinder to our planet. PHYTO actually took steps this year to re-do our packaging to eliminate boxes and put your favorite formulas in recyclable packaging.

3)  Speaking of Recycling

This may seem like a no-brainer but make sure you recycle all containers you can. Throwing stuff that can be recycled in the trash is literally a waste. Your city/county likely provides the bins you need, making it easy for you to toss certain materials in and conserve instead of discarding.

4)  No More Toxic Chemicals

If you’re already a PHYTO fan, we know you are using natural and safe products on your hair and body. So, extend that mindset to your home. Go through your cabinets and toss anything (but make sure you recycle any of them you can) containing harsh chemicals. There are so many options available on the market to clean everything from your floors to your shower, that all contain safe ingredients. That’s good for you, your family and our planet. Everybody wins!

5)  BYOB

Bring your own bags to the grocery store. You can usually purchase them in most stores where you get your groceries and of course you can always snag them online. Leave a bunch of reusable shopping bags in your trunk and you will always have them when you need to do a grocery run. It’s an easy way to make the conscious decision to protect our planet.

There are so many little things you can do to preserve the integrity of our planet, and they all add up to make a difference. Show our planet some love not just on Earth Day, but every day. We want to live here for a long time so let’s take care of our surroundings and all do what we can collectively!

Happy Earth Day!