Because Dandruff Does Not Discriminate

Ever have one of those moments where you are mid conversation and you catch sight of something in your peripheral vision. Right there, on your shoulder…DANDRUFF!! It happens. To more people than you think. PHYTO feels your pain and we have the fix your scalp and hair need to tackle that dandruff and keep your hair gorgeous and healthy. Dandruff is one of the most misunderstood hair care challenges. Does it affect people with oily scalps? Or are those with dry scalps dealing with those pesky flakes?


It’s actually both. PHYTO has been helping fight the good fight against dandruff for a long time and our line is so popular it’s frequently sold out. The same botanical magic that people have come to love in our PHYTHÉOL line is now PHYTOSQUAM, and it was born to combat dandruff.


Oily or dry, you want to start with the scalp. PHYTOSQUAM Intense combines black pepper, Guyana wood and both purifying and soothing ingredients to form the perfect anti-dandruff ally. While performing it’s most important job of eliminating dandruff, the treatment exfoliates the scalp and provides the deep cleaning it needs, safely and gently.

Once you’ve cleansed your scalp and given it some nourishment it needs, it’s important to keep up with maintenance to keep that dandruff away.

PHYTOSQUAM Dry Scalp is a moisturizing shampoo formulated to balance and hydrate the scalp. Say goodbye to loose dandruff and hello to soft, shiny, flake free hair.

PHYTOSQUAM Oily Scalp shampoo clarifies and beautifies hair while getting rid of dandruff flakes. Your scalp will be refreshed which means your hair will be more radiant and healthier.

Both formulas are made with the botanicals that PHYTO is known for, to take care of your hair naturally.

Dandruff is common but it doesn’t have to stick around. PHYTO will take care of those flakes so you won’t have to have any more of those moments! Check out PHYTOSQUAM and watch your dandruff disappear.