Summer’s In The (H)Air

It’s that time! Warmer temperatures. Days spent by the beach and the pool. There’s sand in between your toes, in your car and in your hair. And that’s not all that’s in your lovely locks. Your hair takes in a lot during the summer and could use a little rescuing.


Before you spend the day outside, you cover your body and face in sunscreen, right? You protect your skin from harmful UV rays and other summery things that can kill its mojo. Nobody likes a head full of hair that lacks mojo! So, when you are getting your summer essentials ready, make sure to add the ones from PHYTO.

PHYTO PLAGE is all about safe and simple sun protection using botanicals.

1)  BEFORE :PHYTO PLAGE Protective Sun Oil marries texture and shine. Whether you’re rocking those tousled beachy waves or a slick and sexy pony tail, this New York Fashion Week Favorite delivers major hydration while shielding your hair from sun, saltwater and chlorine. It’s a water resistant formula that not only protects from UV rays but also safeguards color.

2)  AFTER: PHYTO PLAGE SHAMPOO is the perfect after sun care for your hair and body. It hydrates and cleans your hair without stripping it of anything essential. It also moisturizes your skin. Wash away the chlorine, sand and salt residue and leave your hair and body super soft.

Got Color? Then you should know that it’s susceptible to fading and turning, when exposed to the sun. The PHYTO Color trifecta is here to save the day from those harmful rays.

PHYTOCOLOR Gel is a leave-in treatment with Yacon extract. It takes care of your highlights and color and boosts shine. The combination of a UV filter and Karanja Oil provides protection against color oxidization.

PHYTOCOLOR Mask absorbs UV rays and also unleashes the power of Karanja Oil with Hibiscus extract to neutralize particles found in water to safeguard against oxidization. With a subtly mesmerizing scent, it nourishes the hair and soothes and restores the scalp. Lock in that color!

PHYTOCOLOR Shampoo contains Hibiscus flower, Tara tannins and Sunflower sprouts to gently smooth the hair scales while protecting against oxidization. You can gently cleanse and keep your color intact, adding vibrance.

As you brave the summer heat, make sure you are taking care of your hair. PHYTO helps you maintain your color and healthy hair safely. And as all that PHYTO goodness trickles down, you can rest assured that it’s safe for your body and our planet. Every bottle is filled with natural botanicals to help your hair keeps its summer mojo.