Five Hair Masks To Reach Hair Goals

How many pictures do you see across Instagram of people showing off their facial masks? The answer is a lot. Because they are awesome and nourish your skin, giving it what it needs to look at glowy and beautiful. And there are so many different options – hydrating, anti-aging, smoothing – because different skin benefits from different treatments.

That’s how PHYTO feels about hair masks.


Because we are about all things haircare, we fully believe in treating your hair to a good hair mask. We also believe that just like everyone has different skincare needs, the same goes for haircare. All of our botanical formulas are created with varying hair types and needs. PHYTO’s family of hair masks each address different kinds of hair.

PHYTODENSIA Fluid Plumping Mask for when you want to plump it up.

Invigorate your scalp with vernonia and grape polyphenols and breathe some life into your hair. Your hair will feel voluptuous and revitalized without being weighed down. Bounce and volume in every fiber of your hair.  

PHYTOKERATINE Extreme Mask for the driest most brittle hair.

This formula melts into your hair and repairs while leaving a supple finish. You’ll notice a different almost instantly with more shine, strength and elasticity and less breakage. It’s just the nutrition that dry hair craves.

PHYTOJOBA Mask for everyday hydration.

Boost your hair’s vitality with a special blend of angelica root extract and sweet orange essential oil. Nurture your hair. Indulge it. Bring back it’s natural shine, vitality and silkiness. It’s in there. You just need to show it some botanical love.

PHYTOELIXIR Intense Nutrition Mask to rescue your hair.

Transform your hair with the magic of Narcissus flower. And believe us, it is magical. It replenishes your hair lipids and majorly ups the radiance factor. Soft, luxurious hair with an extra layer of protection against drying-out.

PHYTOCOLOR Mask to maintain your vibrant hues.

Protect and prolong your color with Karanja oil and Hibiscus extraction. Prevent oxidation while also soothing and nourishing your scalp. Lock down your color and don’t let it fall victim to the elements.

Here’s the moral of the story – there’s a mask for every head of hair. There’s a gorgeous head of hair there. You just need a little dose of PHYTO power to coax it back out.