Why You Need to Include Daily Hair Moisturizers to Your Beauty Routine

Here’s the thing about hydration. It’s necessary. We drink to stay hydrated. We water plants and flowers to keep them hydrated. We use moisturizers on our skin to keep it hydrated. You know why? Because hydration impacts growth and health. It helps all things that need it, to flourish and thrive.


So, while you’re at it, add your hair to the hydration list. It often gets overlooked but make no mistake that healthy hair comes from keeping it moisturized and hydrated. PHYTO knows because some of our best sellers are those little hydration sensations.

PHYTO 7 and PHYTO 9 are our OGs. They’ve been on the haircare scene for years and have become a trusted product for both consumers and stylists, to give your hair the moisture it needs and deserves. Plus, they do it naturally with the healing power of plants. Seven and nine to be exact. Those numbers in their names are not an accident. They represent the number of plant extracts used in each formula to safely add moisture to all hair types, keeping it shiny and frizz free. Now, they may look a little bit different since we’re outfitting them both with our new packaging. But rest assured they are the same formulas you’ve been using to spoil your locks.

PHYTO 7 is a weightless leave-in that conditions and smooths. It also tackles those pesky split ends and leaves your hair with that soft luxurious texture.

PHYTO 9 is all of that plus two additional plant extracts to help ultra-dry hair. The addition of nourishing macadamia oil combined with the other botanicals, feeds your hair but will not weigh it down.

PHYTO 7 & 9 are filled with all the good stuff and none of the bad, like sulfates, silicon, synthetic fragrances and talc.

While you are hydrating all the things in your life – don’t skip the hair. Love it, feed it, nourish it with PHYTO. Because the only thing that should be dehydrated are those healthy fruit snacks you’re trying to convince yourself to eat instead of the cookies that are calling your name.