Ingredient Spotlight: Eucalyptus

We talk a lot about botanicals. For good reason, since all PHYTO products are packed with the finest ingredients. Sure, we want your hair to look gorgeous and feel healthy. But we also understand the importance of creating our products with safe ingredients straight from nature.


It’s time to show these botanicals the attention they deserve. So, this week we are shining a giant spotlight on Eucalyptus. Let’s get to know this potent powerhouse.

Eucalyptus is easy to detect because of it’s specific scent, which many people consider refreshing and calming. Known around the globe for its purifying capabilities, its native to Australia and Tasmania and can grow as tall as 100m. While we tap it’s power for haircare, it’s also used to treat coughs, bronchitis and asthma as well as a natural soother for fevers and flu. The leaves are incredibly rich in essential oils, and that’s exactly what we use to get the magic of Eucalyptus into our products.

Your hair endures a great deal during any given day – pollution included. Eucalyptus provides a natural way to detox your locks and revive your hair. It rids you hair of the residues that can make it appear dull and weigh it down.

Which PHYTO products contain Eucalyptus?

Our PHYTODETOX line is all about Eucalyptus. PHYTODETOX shampoo, mask and spray are brimming with this amazing essential oil and is great for all hair types. Get your hair free and clean of pollution and leave it feeling refreshed and revived and ready to take on the day. Your hair will feel soft and supple and most importantly, clean!

You know what else contains Eucalyptus? Our cult favorite, PHYTOPOLLÉINE! If you don’t know by now, PHYTO is all about the scalp. We want to help you nurture and nourish it so it grows gorgeous, thriving hair. While purifying your scalp, PHYTOPOLLÉINE also fortifies weak hair.

There’s no denying the magical healing power of Eucalyptus. Regardless of hair type, the benefits are real and PHYTO is ready to make you a believer.