Your Hair Is Begging For Prebiotics

Your hair called and it wants prebiotics. It’s tired and drained and has taken a beating from all that styling. It sees the probiotics you take to nurture your body and wants in on the action. At PHYTO, we consider ourselves real life hair whisperers, so we heard the same calls from hair everywhere and did something about it.


Introducing, for the first time in the United States, in new and improved packaging – PHYTOPROGENIUM! You may have noticed some of our packaging changes recently, and we’re pretty stoked about them. While we love how they turned out visually, we’re especially excited that we were able to eliminate some elements, making it even more environmentally friendly. (You know how much we love helping our planet where we can). Our new bottles allow you to squeeze out every last drop instead of having to recycle it before you are truly done.

But back to PHYTOPROGENIUM! Cleanse and protect your soft and shiny hair daily with our botanical formula. Frequent use of our intelligent prebiotic complex protects your scalp and adds a noticeable radiance to your hair. In addition to the power of prebiotics, oat milk takes softness to the next level and mallow extraction hydrates hair fibers.

Our prebiotic shampoo is perfect for every hair type to give it nourishment it needs to thrive. It’s extra gentle and helps balance your scalp, which is crucial to a healthy head of hair. Don’t stop there! Keep the prebiotic party going with PHYTOPROGENIUM Ultra-gentle detangling milk. Our lightweight leave-in, conditions from lengths to ends leaving your hair silky smooth. The magical combination of cream and oil is so versatile it can be used before you blow dry or as a finisher to tame flyaways and combat frizz. In addition to the oat milk and mallow extract in the shampoo, this powerful but gentle detangler also has calendula oil and rosemary oil. The dynamic duo softens and soothes while boosting vitality and shine.

Your hair deserves attention. It deserves safe and effective hair products. It deserves prebiotics. It deserves PHYTO!