5 Steps to Prep Your Hair For Cooler Temps


Baby it’s cold outside! Cooler temps are starting to descend in many areas. You know what that means! People are breaking out the cute sweaters, boots and even Uggs. The chill in the air not only changes how we dress, but it also means some very necessary tweaks in our beauty routines. From skin care to hair care, different seasons demand different priorities.

You may change your moisturizer to better nourish your skin when the air gets a little cooler, right? Well, don’t stop there because your skin is not the only part of you that needs hydration. Just as the heat can affect the state of your hair, so can the colder weather. If you want your hair to maintain its usual luster and beauty, you better start packing on the botanicals.

PHYTO knows botanicals and we’ve got a whole slew of products to make your hair feel all cozy amid the chill. We even put together a fool-proof suggested haircare routine just for you, from scalp to ends and everything in between.

Step 1: Start with PHYTOPOLLÉINE.

This botanical scalp treatment is the perfect solution to give your scalp everything it needs to stay balanced and healthy as the colder weather kicks in. The essential oils nourish and help combat dandruff often caused from dry scalp issues. Don’t underestimate the size of this bottle – it’s packed with four pounds of fresh plants to purify, fortify and energize your scalp and promote healthy hair growth.

Step 2: Treat with PHYTOELIXIR Oil

Lightweight and easy to rinse, this luxurious oil drenches your hair in Vitamin E, yolk blends, camellia and karanja oils to regenerate and protect. The difference is immediately noticeable, and your hair will feel replenished and silky. Apply it to dry hair (lengths and ends) and leave it on for at least 20 minutes before you shampoo. PRO TIP: Gently wet a towel with hot water, put in in the microwave for 35 seconds then cover you hair with it. The heat will help absorb the products and give you event better results.

Step 3 : Wash with PHYTOJOBA Shampoo

The gentle cleanser does its job without stripping your hair of what it needs. It also hydrates and renews with the botanical formula including mallow and cornflower extracts. The aromatic coconut doesn’t hurt either. Maybe you’ll even feel all the tropical vibes regardless of the colder weather outside.

Step 4: Rescue with PHYTOELIXIR Intense Nutrition Mask

Narcissus flower wax and macadamia oil are the dynamic duo in this mask that transform dry hair to gorgeous, healthy and thriving hair. It improves your hair elasticity while replenishing and protecting. 

Step 5: Indulge with PHYTO 7

Seven plants make up this cult-favorite, which is designed to hydrate, smooth and protect your hair. It will also help that frizz and leave you with weightless, soft and shiny hair. You’ll love the look of your hair more than those super cute fall boots you’ve been itching to get on your feet all summer. PRO TIP: Have it on your bag with you wherever you go and apply twice a day on damp or dry hair for hydration and shine all day long!

Mix and match all of these goodies and put your own mark on your fall haircare routine using any number of our botanical-based PHYTO products. We’re not such sticklers for the specifics, just healthy scalps and gorgeous hair. You do you!