Know Before You Co (Wash)

The haircare industry is overflowing with trends. From hair care to hair styling, there always seems to be something new that makes the waves. Some things take off and live long enough to be taken out of the “fad” category. And some are fleeting and disappear just as quickly as they hit the scene.


At PHYTO, we don’t like to be preachy or impose our opinions, but we are also super honest about hair care. We’ve made it our mission to provide natural products that use the incredible power of botanicals to help your hair thrive and flourish. And while everyone’s head of hair is dynamic just like the individual it belongs to, there are some trends that simply aren’t for the masses. Co-washing is one of those trends.

There’s an undeniable shift in the haircare industry around urging people to wash their hair less frequently. With that shift has come a whole slew of solutions, with co-washing being on that list. If you’re not familiar with the term, co-washing means ditching the shampoo and using only conditioner. Some do it twice a week and others even stretch it to once-a-month. Here’s the problem, conditioner is not meant for your scalp. If you read directions of most conditioners on the market, you will actually see language on the directions about using it only on your lengths and ends. There is a reason for that!

PHYTO is all about that scalp so we know a few things about maintaining its health and balance to keep your hair healthy and gorgeous. And replacing shampooing with conditioner is not ideal. Sure, you’ll see articles out there about how people who are co-washing proponents rave about the smoothness and shine of their hair after trying it. While they are not wrong, that look and feel is a fleeting and superficial phenomenon. Because guess what will happen if you make co-washing a regular part of your hair care routine? That conditioner will simply build up and throw off the balance of your scalp. That’s no small thing since healthy hair sprouts from a healthy scalp.

We get it! There are people out there (particularly ones with curly or textured hair that do not and cannot wash their hair with shampoo regularly. But we have some better solutions that won’t wreak havoc on your scalp!

You can start by preparing your scalp with PHYTOPOLLÉINE, our botanical scalp treatment that helps your scalp achieve that ideal balance we keep referencing. Your hair will come back to life from the power of essential oils like, rosemary, sage, cypress, eucalyptus, and lemon.

Then… you should give our Cleansing Creams a try! They were developed specifically for those looking to clean and hydrate their hair and scalp at the same time, without leaving any product build up behind. If you have curly, coiled or relaxed hair, our PHYTO Specific Cleansing Care Cream if the one for you! By using the the ultra-moisturizing and lipid-replenishing benefits of mallow root extract and castor oil, this no-lather formula is a concentrated cream that gently and thoroughly cleanses as it deeply moisturizes and conditions the driest hair and scalp in one step. If your hair is ultra dry and thick, then our PHYTOELIXIR Cleansing Care Cream might be your best bet. It works with lipid-rich, encapsulated macadamia oil designed to optimize continuous release of the essential lipids to the hair and provides long-lasting anti-dryness protection.

We say, skip the co-washing and instead tap the power of PHYTO to keep your scalp in tip-top shape. Don’t worry your pretty little head of hair about it…we’ve got you and your scalp covered!