INFLUENCER TAKEOVER: Why I Love PHYTO Specific Botanical Relaxers

Hello, beauties! My name is Alonia from and I am beyond excited to enjoy this time and share with you guys my new favorite product from PHYTO: the Botanical PHYTO Specific Relaxers. 


I have a been a PHYTO customer a few months now, and I can honestly say I have never once been disappointed. I’ve had many issues with certain products before due to how sensitive my scalp can be. Today I will share with you guys why I am currently obsessed with the botanical PHYTO Specific Relaxer - keep reading! First, you have two indexes to choose from depending on your hair’s texture, I used their INDEX 1 for fine hair as I was looking for a minimal curl reduction. It’s also important to note that if you don’t feel comfortable doing it on your own you can always take you product to a stylist you trust and have it done at a salon.

For those who rather get your hands dirty, here’s a little breakdown of what’s in the box:

PRE CARE BALM - It's always important when doing any type of relaxer to make sure you apply balm around the edges of your hairline from the front to back. This will prevent any irritation or burning on your skin.

STRAIGHTENING CREAM – Is the base of your relaxer kit and will be mixed with the other ingredients.

INDUCTOR - Is what you apply in the straightening cream to activate the relaxer. This product releases the active ingredients to allow the relaxing process to work.

NEUTRALIZING AND CLEANSING EMULSION - Once you finish applying the relaxer and rinsing it out. You will then wash your hair with the neutralizing and cleaning emulsion! This has beneficial ingredients for the hair such as Vinegar Cider, Keratin, and Cinchona.

MILKY RESTRUCTURER - My favorite part when finishing up the steps is continuing with the milky restructurer! This works like a deep conditioning process. Leave it in for approximately 15 minutes while it works through your hair conditioning and leaving your hair soft and supple.

I have never liked using any type of relaxer on my hair because of all the harsh chemicals that go into it! That’s why was so excited to hear that PHYTO had the only 100% natural relaxer in the market! My hair has been through a long journey so it was very important for me to find a product that was effective while preserving my hair’s fiber. The main active ingredients in the relaxer are egg extract, shitake mushroom salt and soybean extract… no-lye, all botanical!

I recommend this relaxer to those who are looking for a long-lasting relaxer but don’t want to commit their hair’s health in the process. When it comes to maintaining your hair’s moisture after relaxing, I recommend the PHYTO Specific Ultra Smoothing Shampoo and Mask, followed by the Integral Hydrating Mist. It will keep your strands shinny and nourished with the power of plants and no parabens, sulfates or all of that nasty stuff!

Remember to always treat your hair with love and care. I hope my experience helped you guys and gave you some insight on how amazing the PHYTO Specific Relaxer is (and just PHYTO in general). Thanks for reading!