Cleansing Your Scalp - Why is it Important?

If you’re anything like me, you have millions of hair products in your bathroom and it’s all about styling, I have styling products for days and it makes me wonder how much money I have sacrificed in attempts to achieve effortless, cool hair. When did it become so much about styling instead of treating your hair? There are plenty of styling products out there but they will never be able to treat the root of the problem. Well, there’s your answer, the root.

Your scalp desperately needs to be taken care of to maximize hair growth and overall health of your hair because, and I hate to break it to you, all the hair you see on your head is dead. Physiologically at least. If you haven’t figured it out yet, a more sustainable solution to take care of your hair, and your wallet, is to treat your hair before it grows out.

The scalp is home to over 100,000 hair follicles and sebaceous glands, which is where all the action happens and the skin on your head is delicate and complicated. Your scalp is basically an extension of the skin on your face, so why are we not discussing treatments for your scalp as much as we are discussing treatments for your skin?

That’s what we’re here for. You already have good hair, you say? Let’s break it down, shall we?

Your Scalp is Your Skin

Over 32 million individuals used hairspray seven times a week in 2016, and that’s hairspray alone. If we include the usage of other products, like dry shampoo, leave-in conditioners, waxes and gels, product residue will crawl its way down to your scalp and stay there if you don’t clean it properly. Just like the skin on your face, when you use too many or the wrong type of products, you’re going to clog up your skin and same goes for your scalp.

Cleanse, don’t Scrub

Your scalp naturally releases oils, fats, and waxes meant to protect the hair and your scalp, which is good. However, as it does a great job of protecting your scalp from external aggressors, contaminants such as dust and dissolved chemicals will get trapped underneath that protective layer of lipids. Now, before your think you just need to scrub a little harder and longer with your shampoo, note that you need to be careful about what type of products you’re using.

Your Beauty Cabinet Matters

I assume you haven’t missed the all natural trend that everyone’s hyping about but how many of the products out there can you really trust? Botanical products that contain natural extracts and essential oils from plants are what you need since our skin and hair goes through a similar process and require similar nourishing factors as plants do in order to grow. Not to mention the historical use of plants for medicinal purposes. A majority of the products from the most well-known brands are not prepared to gently penetrate the natural lipids of your scalp, cleanse it, and leave your scalp protected.

So take it from a company that has been working on a wide range of botanical products, most of which have been perfected for years. PHYTO Paris’ Phytopollèine, a 100% botanical scalp treatment, is what you want to start with. The active ingredients of rosemary, sage, and cypress essential oils will support the hair bulb and the natural micro-circulation.

Now, just to warn you, Phytopollèine comes with quite a strong smell but fear not, that’s totally normal seeing how it only contains highly concentrated plant extracts. The applicator tip makes it easy for you to apply Phytopollèine directly to the scalp section by section to get as close to the scalp as possible. Tip: give it a good massage to ensure thorough distribution of the product onto the scalp, but also because you deserve it.

You still have the chance to achieve healthy-looking hair without all of those temporary styling products. Now, go throw them away and get to cleansing!