The year was 1965, the city was Paris. Years ago before the beauty industry was stressing the importance of all natural, organic, herbal beauty products, Phyto developed a hydrating oil from plant extracts and botanical. This is the brand that paved the way to a better and healthier haircare industry. All by doing something out of the norm.

The concept for Phyto was sheer happenstance. Patrick Ales, the founder, moved into the home that was once owned by a herbalist. The previous resident of this home left jars of dried plants and essential oils. Patrick’s curiosity got the better of him and he decided to learn more about the previous tenant's interesting home decor. What he found out changed the face of the beauty industry.

As someone who had been working in the haircare sector for years, he knew the damage caused by harsh products on the hands of stylists and the hair of clients was long lasting and difficult to fix. Plants offered the perfect solution. They led him to coin the term ‘Phytothérathrie,’ which ended up becoming the cornerstone for the whole brand. It stands for three simple words: Plants, care and hair. The combination of the three acted as the foundation for this company and every product we produced.

Our motto stems from this word as well: First, Do No Harm.

From Patrick’s home in the south of France to the PHYTOSOLBA Laboratories, our products grew in number and popularity. All due to the skilled formulas developed by our researchers and scientists. We started off with a single hydrating oil (HUILE D’ALES) and soon had an sun protectant (PHYTO PLAGE), an anti-frizz balm (PHYTODÉFRISANT), and after a few years launched our prodigal child: PHYTOPOLLÉINE.

We opened up a store near the Champs-Élysées and styled some of the most iconic women, including Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. We spread the word far and wide about the benefits of plants for your hair. We set the industry standard for botanical hair care.

We’re proud to say that decades of haircare trends haven’t changed the core of Phyto. We’re still learning from the old bakers kneading-trough in which Patrick created HUILE D’ALES. When we opened up our PHYTOSOLBA Laboratories in 1969, we knew it was just an extension of Patrick's kitchen in the south of France.

Our approach to developing new products to this day is inspired by that very moment as well. A combination of Patrick’s curiosity and his knowledge of haircare. A scientific approach of plants & the hairdresser’s art to enhance hair.