Seeing the first strand of grey hair in your otherwise brightly-hued mane can often be an alarming experience for most women. However, it’s really no reason to sound off all alarms and start panicking. Aging hair is something we will grapple with at some point and many already are. You don’t have to worry about losing your hair's texture, volume, and color anymore. It is 2018. There’s a solution for pretty much everything you need.

Let’s discuss aging hair first. It’s important to understand your hair’s natural traits before you can figure out how to take care of it after you’ve colored it. The simple and common traits of aging hair are signs you can be on the lookout for. Hair becomes thinner, finer, and more brittle. It’s a natural process and it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Your hair is becoming thinner because each hair follicle is reducing in size. So your strands aren’t able to grow like they used to. Your oil glands are less active so your hair doesn’t receive the same amount of moisture and hydration it once did. Finally, the pigment of your hair loses vibrancy with time which leads to grey hair.

Most people believe that aging hair is a problem that can be fixed just by treating the hair fibers. This isn’t true. We’ve always known that your hair is a reflection of your scalp. A healthy scalp means a healthy head of hair. So if your hair is aging, it’s because your scalp is too. Treat your scalp and hair with our PHYTODENSIA line. It’s formulated specifically for aging hair care needs and is the best way to restore your hair to its previous lusciousness. Add the serum to your routine and notice a marked difference in 3-4 weeks.

Moving onto the next step: coloring. Your hair stylist will handle the process of bringing back color to your locks and coating the greys, but it is your responsibility to make sure the dye stays there for some time without damaging your scalp or hair. We’ve been talking about PHYTOMILLESIME for some time now but we have to keep this discussion going (there’s so much to cover!)

The way PHYTOMILLESIME has been designed includes a very specific routine that was developed to ensure maximum bang for the bucks spent in the hair salon. You don’t need to schedule multiple appointments if your hair color looks vibrant for weeks. PHYTOMILLESIME’s four-step routine locks in the color of your hair dye, nourishes each strand and enhances the vibrancy as well. It’s a great solution for women with aging hair who have also colored their locks. PHYTOMILLESIME gives your hair the hydration and moisture it needs while keeping your hair color looking picture perfect. Minimizing the number of touch ups is key to preserving the health of your aging scalp and hair.

Keep you hair color bright to keep your grey hair out of sight. That’s the secret to healthy color-treated aging hair.