Phytopolléine x Phytomillesime

Colored hair is not for the faint of heart. That is a known fact. It’s a pretty dramatic change and it’s not a quick and easy process. It will change not just the color of your hair, but the texture and nature of your scalp too.

Scalp care is a trend throughout the haircare industry, but PHYTO has always been aware that nourishing the scalp should never be treated as a trend. It should play an essential role in your haircare routine. When scouring through aisles for the next addition to your haircare routine, it’s important to see what can treat your scalp and not just your hair.

When you color your hair, a common problem faced by many is scalp irritation or contact dermatitis. This can be either a chemical or allergic reaction that can lead to flaking, redness, itchiness, burning, or stinging. It’s imperative to treat the scalp with extra care when your hair is colored. This is why we recommend Phytopolléine as a companion to our new Phytomillesime collection.

This tiny glass vial has been around for decades and is the industry standard for effective, botanical scalp care. It’s full of herbal goodness that has been extracted from three pounds of plants. Simply put, it's a blend of essential oils that will soothe and purify your scalp after the dying treatment is complete.

The first shower after coloring your hair can strip away the color unless you use a color safe cleanser. However, that isn’t enough to ensure that it stays just as vibrant. For that you need a color enhancing product.

Phytomillesime features two star ingredients: Red Love Apple Extract and Color Locker Complex, which are both botanical and highly nourishing. If your scalp is suffering from irritation after getting your hair dyed, you need to protect it and purify it.

Begin your routine with Phytopolléine. Section your hair and draw the vial along your scalp and massage it in. Leave it to absorb for about 20 minutes or so. You're likely to feel immediate relief. That’s courtesy of the corn oil blended with lemon oil. The two work together to calm any irritation and cleanse the scalp.

After having let Phytopolléine absorb into your scalp, move onto your hair. Run the Color Locker Pre-Shampoo through dry hair and leave it for about 2 minutes before rinsing it off with the Color Enhancing Shampoo. This will help your hair color stay vibrant while softening the texture of your hair. To hydrate your hair, apply the Color Enhancing Mask and then rinse off with cool water. Before styling your hair, use the Color Protecting Mist to give your hair final protection before stepping out.