It is officially spring and we’re slowly trading in our darker winter colors for something a little brighter and vibrant. It’s time for a change. This includes our hair as well. No matter how you choose to change things up, we’re here to make sure your mane isn’t damaged in the process.

Our new collection PHYTOMILLESIME does just that and more. From the minute you take a seat in the salon to the minute you step out with your new hair color, your tresses are in need of protection and nourishment. It’s not just about protecting your hair fibers, it’s also about keeping the color at the same level of vibrancy it was when you first got it done. This eliminates the need get frequent touch-ups and reduces the number of times you need to add chemicals to your hair.

We introduced you guys to each of the four groundbreaking products last week. Well, we’re happy to announce that all four are now finally available on, Ulta, and select store around the nation.

PHYTOMILLESIME is a new approach to color-safe hair care. It’s not just about keeping the color from fading, it’s about enhancing it and nurturing your strands as well. We used a combination of unique ingredients called Color Locker Complex and Red Love Apple Extract. Both are of botanical origin and in tandem with PHYTO’s core beliefs: the best care comes from organic origins and yields the best results.

Here’s the routine for PHYTOMILLESIME:

  1. LOCK: The first step is the seal the color in. From the first shampoo, the color starts to get stripped away and begins to fade. To prevent this the Color Locker Pre-Shampoo locks in the hair dye at each scale and acts as a barrier against the cleanser. Apply it onto dry hair and leave on for about 2 minutes before proceeding to the next step.

  2. CLEANSE: When cleansing hair that has been treated with color, you want to use the gentlest possible formula with the same level of effectiveness as any other shampoo. This Color Enhancing Shampoo only removes any excess buildup but leaves your hair with it’s color and natural oils. In addition to that, the Red Love Apple Extract enhances the color of your hair.

  3. HYDRATE: Coloring your hair tends to leave it brittle, dry, and damaged. Three things that can be rectified if you nourish and hydrate your hair with the right ingredients. The reason this Hair Mask is an excellent fit for color treated hair is because it works like an amplified conditioner. You leave it on longer so that your hair can absorb the mask and the benefits will last longer.

  4. PROTECT: The final step is to ensure that your hair is protected and nourished throughout the day. External elements can fade away the brightness of your hair color and can be harsh on your hair. The Color Protecting Mist keeps them at bay while flattening any flyways and frizz you may have.

After each shower with PHYTOMILLESIME, it’s like walking out of the salon the first time you got your hair done. Actually, it’s better. Your hair is just as vibrant, but infinitely softer.